CBD Advertising in 2022: What To Know
As any retailer of CBD products knows, digital advertising is still limited due to certain ad networks not allowing CBD content to be promoted. Additionally, because CBD isn’t officially approved by the FDA, smaller ad networks too are reluctant to allow the promotion of these products.

While there are still roadblocks in place for CBD digital advertising, it hasn’t stopped retailers from promoting their products via traditional means and other unique ways you may have not thought of.

In 2022, as a retailer of CBD products or even a CBD manufacturer, what can you do to promote your products?

Traditional Marketing Methods for CBD

Although many marketers have turned towards social media campaigns due to their lower cost and instant results – traditional marketing hasn’t faded away as much as you’d think. In fact, according to the DMA (Data & Marketing Association), 80% of Americans prefer to receive promotional merchandise (such as t-shirts, caps, etc) which is distributed by direct mail or email newsletters. So what does this mean? It means that you can still promote your CBD products via direct mail or email newsletters.

Direct Mail

One of the best ways to promote your CBD product is through traditional marketing, more specifically, direct mail campaigns. While some may argue that using this method is expensive and time-consuming; it can still be highly effective due to its ability to generate leads (based on past studies) while also leaving a lasting impression on potential buyers. When launching a direct mail campaign, you should try promoting different types of CBD products – for example, if you’re selling CBD cat treats; sending out samples of CBD oil drops for humans & cats/kittens will get better results than sending out only one type of sample promotion.

Digital Marketing for CBD

Although you are limited in where you can advertise CBD products, you are allowed to promote products organically. This includes organic post promotion through social media sites including Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok, as well as organic traffic from search engines.

Social Media for CBD

Using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok have been known to be great ways of promoting businesses. In fact, many individuals use these platforms to build their brands. That being said, you should consider using organic post promotion through your company’s page or profile in order to generate leads for your CBD business.

Organic Search Engine Traffic

Although it is limited due to the fact that there are no results related specifically to CBD products when searching certain keywords on Google and other search engines, traffic from organic searches is a great way of driving traffic toward your website. This can be done by creating posts with certain keywords in them so that they show up when someone types in a relevant keyword(). For example, if one were to search Google for the term “CBD oil for sale online” they would be presented with a variety of different results. One of these results may include an ad or directory listing that includes your website, or more specifically, your CBD product page.

Consider Affiliate Marketing for CBD

Finally, from a digital perspective, you may want to consider affiliate marketing. This is a digital method that either includes third-party companies or individuals selling or sharing your product, in which you provide a commission when the sale takes place. This isn’t only limited to online retailers, but can also include CBD manufacturers who use affiliate marketing in order to sell their products not only through the company’s website(s), but also other websites through unique codes or links.

Predicting the Future of CBD in 2022

In 2022, what do you think will happen to CBD digital marketing? Will more companies have access to bigger ad networks? Will social media sites be able to promote the content of hemp and CBD companies more freely? Will there be a new form of advertising that we haven’t thought about yet? Let us know!



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