Using Color In Your Lighting

Using Color In Your Lighting

Lighting serves the primary purpose of providing functional illumination, however, you can improve the decor of your room by choosing light fixtures that are well-designed and colorful. Because color plays such an important role in defining a room’s aesthetic, it’s important to choose light fixtures that match the overall hue of the room or choose fixtures that will make that splash that you want to see in the space. If you can keep color in mind when choosing your lighting, you’ll find that it will add a personality to the room, in addition to providing a functional source of light.

Psychology Plays a Role

In her post, Simple Tips for a Well-Lit Room, Carolyn Scott-Hamilton notes that color has a psychological effect on us and it is critical to surround ourselves with color patterns that promote happiness. Whether it is in the small devices we carry around or in a pattern of the entryway’s chandelier, you should try to use colors in your home that are in accordance with your personality.

Different Rooms, Different Colors

You’ll also want to consider color when choosing lighting by room in your home. For instance, in workspaces like the home office, you’ll want bright colors from fixtures with an integrated LED. Conversely, in the living room, you’ll want softer colors that can attribute themselves to the mood of the room. And in the bathroom where you are likely getting ready in the morning, you’ll want bold, bright colors to help you see what you are doing.

Light Bulb & Shade

Color in a light fixture can come from a combination of two things — the shade and the light bulb. Most halogen bulbs will put off a warm glow that will reflect well with the shade and if you choose a fixture that supports LED bulbs, you’ll find a bright bluish hue coming from the light. The shade is what will project the most amount of color in a space and this is where you need to be extra selective with your fixtures. Consider how the color will play with furniture and other furnishings in the room and depending on the shape of the fixture, you may also see a cool amount of shadows created by the shade.

Just remember, color plays a big role in home decorating. From the color of your designer sofa to the color of the dining room’s chandelier, you’ll want to keep in mind how the colors work with each other in every room.

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